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Default why doesn't it just work!?

I've had my phone for about 5 days. I really thought it was going to make my life easier, but now I am literally on this website more than 4 hours a day trying to figure out how the hell everything works. I have a macbook and was able to get my address book and calender to sync, but only through the usb cable and pocketmac. bluetooth only seems to let me SEND my phones addressbook to the computer. even with pocketmac it, for some reason, split my whole address book into two and i had to delete half of it and resync.

As for the main topic here, getting media to be sent to the phone through bluetooth, my current issue is: when i try to receive from the phone, it just says "file transfer. waiting for connection" forever and does nothing.

i do not have an sd card since i might end up returning the phone based on how irritating this whole thing is. so is that the resolution to this "waiting for connection" message?

and why doesn't pocketmac just have a media swap folder thing on it? wouldn't that make everything much more simple??

off the subject, i still have to call verizon technical support to get them to help me put a filter on my email so gmail stops sending me copies of every email I send. that was my issue all day long yesterday.

i'm hoping that once this is cleared up and i understand the phone, i'll like it. or should i just get a new phone while i am still in my 30 day exchange period? i'm not even technologically retarded....i just think this phone may be and all the operations you have to do to make it do such simple things.

...sorry that was so long, but i'm beyond frustrated with my new toy. (i love my mac though... i wish verizon sold iphones.)
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