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You need the USB Dolby AC-3 decoder module. Then you have to get the USB to RS-232 adaptor. Then you have to get the RS-232 to 10 volt analog terminal block. Next cut the connector off your controller. Be warned if you purchased the 30 year extended warranty it is probably up or you are about to void it. Wire it all together and if it doesn't work call the manufacturer and tell them what you did, they might send you a new one if you still are under extened warranty. Of course this only works if you have reprogrammed your eprom with version 0.5148900003 and a half. If you need a eprom programmer I have a spare I could sell you for a buck two eighty.

Dolby EX is so cool on my "Pong" game. I have my "hi-fi" hooked up for the massive "doink" sound. When you get it past the other player it does the THX sound. Of course the controllers are wireless transmitting in the 17.895 kHz shortwave band so that your friends and neighboors with Ham radios can listen in to the intense action.

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George Plimton was a big sporting celebrity back in the day.

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