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Default Lots of questions

I'll give it a shot. Since I am not in Canada, I can not speak about the carriers there...

What currently is the best/newest modeal out there? It seems from what I've read that the 7290 is near the top of the list and may not be the newest, but fairly new. Would that be accurate?
Partially accurate. The 7290 and the 7100 are the newest GSM/GPRS models, the 7250 is the newest CDMA models, and the 7520 is the newest iDen model. It depends on which carrier you want to use and what your requirements are. Different carriers support different networks; GSM/GPRS is used everywhere in the world. CDMA is North America and a few isolated countries. iDen is a North American only (a few countries outside) used by Nextel in the US and I forget who in Canada - would one of the Canadian forum members chip in please

I occasionally have to travel to Europe. From what I've read, the 7290 sounds like it would work in Europe. Obviously it would be insanely expensive to use the phone from there, but what can you use the e-mail function from overseas without getting crushed on the bill? Is it true the 7290 would work over there and is it the only one that would currently work on both sides of the pond?
Yes. International service is available on both the 7290 and the 7100 series. And it is expensive. But voice in some countries is reasonable than others (France .99/minute; Indonesia, $4.99/minute - ouch)

What does Cingular mean? When I read about some of the 7290's it says Cingular beside some of them, and on others it doesn't. This is probably a very stupid question - but I'm ignorant about this stuff.
Cingular is a GSM/GPRS carrier in the US. They recently bought AT&T Wireless in the states.

Lastly. And this question will seem odd but I have a reason for asking. Can you adjust the contrast on the screens? I have a vision problem. I'm not totally blind (I mean I'm sitting here on the computer right) but my eyes are light sensitive so on my computer, I adjust the contrast so that it's white printing on black background rather than the tradition black text on white background. Do you know if anything like this is possible on the blackberry? I've read that text size is adjustable so that's good - but I wondered about adjusting the colour schemes and contrast on the blackberry.
Wow - that's a tough one. The 7290 has dual stage backlighting, but I don't think you can do white text on a black background. Don't think that one is possible. The 7100 has a very bright screen, but the same limitations (black on white) apply.