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Thanks to all for the info. Knowing that my 100s of auto-text abbreviations of most common words are backed up, in the event of a reset, is heartening. And knowing that T-mobile allows sending of more than 2 mb of photo attachments is also useful. I like to use the highest settings and email photos to Twango for storage. This is the sort of thing I do in the evening, while the device is on the charger, so it's not important if it takes a while.

The SK browser allows uploading of photos to photo sites, but no other uploading or dowloading. Therefore Yahoo Briefcase isn't an option. If I'm traveling, and I use a BB text editor to work on a text, I want to be able to store it on the web. With the SK my only option is to use a web-based tool like Writeboard, which isn't an option on a plane however. That's why I'm interested to know whether the BB browser can upload (and download) things like text files.

I get the point about trying the BB for a couple of weeks. Before I do so, however, I need to make sure I can get my current plan back if I decide not to keep the Curve. I still have a promotional SK plan from 2003, and it's a very good deal at $39.95 a month for unlimited data, 1,000 texts, and 200 minutes. I don't know if I'd get that plan back. I know I can't come close to that with the Curve, but I'm willing to pay more if I feel the advantages are worth it. I wanted to get some basic info here first. I've used a Curve for an hour or so. I think I could get used to the keyboard, but it would frankly be a downgrade. The Curve's screen is much better than that of all previous SKs, but not as good as the LX's. Keyboard and screen are two vital aspects of any handheld, I think we can all agree. But adaptibility is also important, and here the SK platform loses. Not only is the Catalog selection poor but the *kinds* of apps sold in it are limited. There's nothing, for example, like a dictionary that requires a database installed on the SD card. Speaking of which, I have a 2 gb micro SD that I could use on the Curve.

Edit: this person's email questions, never got answers, 2 years ago, but I'd also be interested in knowing the answers.

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