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Originally Posted by aiharkness View Post
I'm not aware of a way to create separate email folders, except I have read here of separating BES email with an after-market app. Otherwise, there will be separate foldes for each email account you have created in BIS. And all email will also appear the messages folder which contains all messages (SMS, MMS, PIN . . .).
I'm not sure I understand, so let me describe how the SK does mail and maybe somebody can explain how the BB is different...

Every SK account comes with a native "tmail" account (since T-mobile is the only carrier). That's a near-instantaneous push email account. In addition to that, we are able to set up (up to) three POP accounts, and to specify the folder into which the mail from these accounts goes. The recent OS update allows these folders to be assigned to tabs, if desired. SMS is in a different place.

All email is constantly auto-synced, so that if my device resets (or if I have to replace it), all mail comes back once it's activated. Total email allowance for all four accounts, however, is 6 mb (I am "grandfathered" with 8 mb because I was an early adopter). As I mentioned in my first post, POP mail is theoretically collected every 15-20 minutes, and you used to be able to force collection in between. Last spring POP collection times began to be erratic, but I have to say that this week they've been good again. The force fetch option no longer works.

A lot of people set up a gmail account that forwards to their push tmail folder instantly, and they configure the mail app to reply usng the gmail address. This allows them to use the SK as a gmail device, and to archive the mail off-device. I do this myself and it works well. I also use the POP accounts however, and it's important that the mail lands in the different tabs. If I understand what you wrote above, the BB mail client works similarly. Is there a way to force collection of POP mail between automatic collections?

As I understand it, the amount of mail the BB can hold is limited only by the space on the SD card.
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