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Originally Posted by ubizmo View Post
. . . On the SK this is easy enough. In mail settings, there's a check box "Collect mail from this server" and I just have to uncheck it. Can this be done on the BB as well, or do I need to use the Desktop Manager to activate and deactivate POP accounts? . . .

Can voice memos be emailed? I've looked at the FAQ and I gather (not sure, though) that there is some sort of voice note/memo application; I can't tell if they can be attached to emails.
I know there is voicemail capability. I don't use it. Don't know the details. Hopefully someone else will answer this.

Looking at the threads on this forum, I get the impression that a lot of people prefer the built-in browser to the Opera Mini, and I think I have the answer to my question about uninstalling the built-in browser and using just Opera: No.
There is an entusiastic fan base for OM here. I've tried it several times and never kept it. I believe the two advantages are rendering regular website pages (vs mobile) and access to secure web pages in some instances. But no need to uninstall the native browser (and you probably can't, anyway; for certain only until you have to resend service books). There will be reasons to keep it, anyway (off the top of my head, I'm thinking browser push services, perhaps).

If I'm in an area where there's no service and I compose an email and try to send it, does it queue up and send when service becomes available? This is how the SK works, and I've sometimes composed a dozen emails during a flight, which get sent as soon as we arrive. I like this feature.
Yes, to a degree. If you are out of service for a long time, or the service is weak and fading in and out, the send may fail. But you will be able to see that, and you can resend.

The OS on the SK LX allows the user to select the screen font size for the browser and for the rest of the system independently. The font itself cannot be changed. It's pretty much the same on the BB Curve, I take it?
The font size and type can be set, indpendently. I believe the browser font is default, only, meaning the default font is used if the web page does not specify the font. I could be totally wrong on that, but that's the way it appears to work.
- Ira
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