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I'll probably get the Curve today for a 2-week trial. The pros and cons of each are too close to call without a road test. Here's the way I see it at the moment:

1. Screen. LX wins, with 3" and 400x240.

2. Keyboard. LX wins with spacious layout, dedicated numbers and punctuation.

3. Email. Looks like a tie. The LX does push mail and three POP accounts. The Curve can handle more accounts but the number of accounts is not a big deal for me. LX is a bit better at completing mail delivery in intermittent service conditions. Curve can handle photo attachments greater than 2 mb. I don't use Outlook and don't need Outlook sync.

3. Online access. I can access my LX calendar, notes, and to-do list from any computer on the web, anytime, and I can edit and configure them from there. I think LX wins on that score.

4. Camera. Curve has 2 mp to the LX's 1.3, so that's a win for the Curve. However, the difference in megapixels is only relevant for printing photos, since a 1.3 mp photo will fill most computer monitors, at 1280x1024 pixels. So it's quality that matters. From what I've seen, the Curve takes very nice photos in good light. So does the LX, which is much improved from the SK3. In low light, both are mediocre at best, an inevitable limitation of the tiny lenses.

4. Video. Curve wins. It can play video and will be able to capture video. It's not a huge deal for me but I know I'll have fun with it. It is rumored that the LX will get video capture and playback, but who really knows?

5. Battery life. Curve wins bigtime, from what I hear.

6. Browser. Curve wins. The LX browsing experience is not bad. Speed varies, depending a lot on server load, since everything is proxied and reformatted on Danger's servers. Some sites reformat well; some don't. The browser on the Curve seems roughly equal in quality, and also seems a bit faster over Edge. But over wifi it should be much faster. The Curve has the option of Opera Mini as an alternate browser; the LX has no such option.

7. IM client. I'll call it a tie, since Jivetalk looks about as good as the LX built-in client.

8. 3rd-party applications. Curve wins. The LX Catalog is limited to what T-mobile approves (or other carriers overseas), and this is tipped more toward games. I read complaints about the lack of BB software compared to WM, but it's still better than what's available for the LX.

9. PIM. I'm not sure, but I think the Curve wins. The LX calendar works well. The to-do app is simple and not integrated with the calendar. For those of us who don't use Outlook, being able to schedule things from any browser and have them instantly sync to the device is nice, however.

10. Sync. LX wins. The way the LX is *always* synced (as long as there's service) with its web-based Desktop Interface is an under-appreciated feature. I've spent hours on a flight typing notes for a presentation, knowing that when I land they're available online from a browser without my having to do anything (and even if my phone falls in a puddle).

So there it is. Time to see what trumps what in actual use.
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