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Arrow Confirmed as the 9000 Series

Originally Posted by Cooper View Post
Well I hate to break it to anyone who is hoping for it....

There is and will be no touch screen for a long time. From the multiple people in multiple departments I know that work there who usually give me little to no information unless I use information I've already obtained, the touch screen is even an internal rumour.

At the place I work (literally no more than a few hundred meters from RIM in Waterloo) I had a guy come in and he was using this device. it is slimmer and the curved corners are the biggest new change. His security badge was completely red around his picture (they're typically RIM blue with the persons picture in the middle... I'm assuming this means high security and possibly has access to certain areas like R&D which would make sense as to why he has this device.... he still technically should not be using it in public as he pretty much would have lost his job if the right people saw him using it )

This has been confirmed ad the 9xxx series. Currently most overheating issues have been fixed, but the device still runs warm.

3G is being tested on a few devices, and depending on how it's used it will have the posibility of huge speed increases.

As well, RIM is currently working on the ability for users to send HTML e-mail, I'm not sure if this will coencide with the 9xxx release, which is probably within the next 6-8 months if bugs can be fixed fast enough.
Hey Cooper,

WOW. Your info is fantastic! Especially the part on "No touch screen for a long time." How did you manage to get this photo (that is in your first post)?
Good work. Very good work. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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