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I know im new here i usually just surf around reading things(bet you heard that a million times) but this is a very big thing right now real or fake. its obviously fake to an extent, of that it is not a blackberry of any sort in my opinion. some said the it might be verizon curve but the pearl looked pretty much the same. and also many people have been saying it looks like a hybrid of a q and a centro etc etc. Which is were i thought of my idea, maybe its the new years celebration or something else i dont know. But i started to thinking, not too long ago there was a "leak" from motorola about their new phones and one of them was the ghengis, yes i know bgr said its fake and many others.

the sidekick slide made by moto has a trackbally looking thing which i have circled, and the ghengis fake thing is kinda curvy on the sides and has a very simalar keyboard. Im not saying this thing is the next Q or what. i know its not a blackberry the "B" in "berry" is backwards, zoom in close enough the menu button, the led, send and end all look photoshoped. form your own conclusions i just thought (with alcohol assistance) maybe this has a connection? maybe the original photoshoper wanted to make the ghengis then someone grabbed it and put blackberry on it. anyway sorry for the short novel, thats my 2 cents
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