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Originally Posted by cwichura View Post
I sincerely doubt RIM is hardcoding it. After all, people have used the .184 build from Asia on 8320s on T-Mobile's network and it has worked. If they are hard-coding it, then it's something that is in _all_ builds. Something like an initialization section of code that says "if vendor=tmonbile then, else if vendor=orangefr then, ...". But that seems rather pointless to me. Given the way RIM does things, I'd really expect it to be something hidden in one of the service books, if they are not using the spec and getting it from the SIM.

What SIM are you using in your Orange Fr device and where did you get it from? Do you know anyone with a T-Mobile branded 8320 that you could try temporarily popping the SIM into?
I am testing it with my Tmobile US sim card since as i still have a t-mobile account. I tested this same sim on a Tmobile braded phone and it worked fine, meaning i got the UMA and was able to call. So the question remains what would be hardcoded or what file will contains that if-then-else that is causing the deive to always try to connect to the Orange server even when having a Tmobile sim in it?
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