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Originally Posted by JSanders View Post
IT Policy Name: "Default"

Sounds like, walks like, looks like, quacks like an IT Policy.

Quack Quack.

Follow the link I gave you up there ^^ and follow those instructions to remove it.

Be sure to give your eBay seller appropriate feedback for selling "dirty" BlackBerrys.
Thanks to JSanders and aiharkness.

Yep, that was it. Sorted it out using the method outlined in the FAQ mentioned above, probably while you were writing that last message. (Was a bit messy - don't usually like doing regedits but it all went well thanks to the clear instructions.)

Who wrote that FAQ?? (Interesting that it was also for a 7320). I would like to send him/her a personal note of thanks.

Unfortunately for me, I wasn't even thinking about buying a BB until I saw one cheap on Ebay (39 Euros is good for a s/h 7320, isn't it?).

I didn't know much about them and didn't know about this forum. Usually, especially when I buy new, I do a LOT of research beforehand.

My seller was an electronics specialist firm and the BB belonged to one of the directors. They didn't wipe it before sending it and they didn't even tell me the password - had to email him to ask him (I didn't know then about the '10 tries and then wiped' rule. I assumed that if you enter wrongly so many times it gets even more complicated with finding out the PIN2 and PUK codes - that's happened to me before on a mobile.)

So yes, I will give them bad feedback.

Now if I could sort out the million and one other problems I've got with it..................

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