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Originally Posted by daphne View Post
Agreed. Maybe a dumb question -- but is it possible to use IdeaMatrix without allowing it to be in constant communication with the Rexwireless servers? I don't like the idea of that constant transfer of data, or having my data on someone else's servers for that matter. Yes, I'm paranoid, but I've seen so many hacked servers it's not funny.
From the Rexwireless FAQ:

How does REXwireless protect the security of my data on REXdesktop or Always*Safe auto-backup?

Customer data on our servers is encrypted beyond the standards set by the U.S. Department of Defense. If our servers were ever compromised, the encrypted files would prevent customer information from falling into hacker hands.

Data access is controlled by user name and password, as well as BlackBerry device PIN. We suggest using passwords with a combination of upper and lower case letters including some numbers and special characters to ensure better security.

When REXdesktop is used, a customer's information is "checked out" and loaded into server memory. Changes are written back to the encrypted store as they are submitted
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