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Default Frustrated by my 7520

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I have had a 7520 for about 4 months and am very frustrated with the software logic and am hoping that there is a way to fix it.

I find the software requires too much navigation to execute simple functions. I spend time on the road (hence the need for a cell phone and email) and when I am in my car, I need to make calls. The Blackberry does not logically function the way I would like it to and requires me to look at the screen and scroll to options that I wish were the primary options. For example:

1) If I have a missed call and click on it under the first icon, the menu says open, rather than call. I rarely need to open a missed call. To call that person, I need look at the screen and scroll to Call xxx-xxx-xxxx. Bad news in a car.

2) If I click on the telephone icon, it only shows some of the calls I have made, not those recieved. It also will not allow me to launch into my phone directory unless I scroll to Call from Address book. Not good when in a car.

3) If I go to the address book and click on a name, it brings up view, not call. Again I have to scroll to the Call option on the menu.

Each of these illustrate a logic problem that I wish could be resolved. When I need to use my 7520 as a phone, I am often in a position where I do not have the ability to scroll through menu options (in my car). When I am checking email, I am always in a position where scrolling through menus is not an issue (never while driving a car). Even still, there is no real reason why an email would need to trigger the same priority of menu options as a voice call because the unit has to differentiate between the two.

I want my 7520 to function under the logic of a phone first and email second. Other co-workers carry cell phones and Blackberry's because of this issue, and I find that unacceptable.

Here is aother frustrating issue. Say you give me your number and I dial it to send you my number and the disconect and try to add your name ad save the number to my address book. I have to Open and then Add to Address Book. Why the extra step?

Is there a solution other than turning in my 7520?

I am asked all the time how I like the unit and I have to be honest, it is cumbersome and I find it dangerous to use when driving. I know that a reply might be pull over, but sorry that is not a real option on the highway and not a big solution over using a payphone at a 7-11.