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Originally Posted by Hackberry
I'm reminded of the (Marx brothers?) gag:

Patient: "Doctor, it hurts when I do this."
Doctor: "Don't do it then."

If someone finds reading email dangerous when driving, the only proper response is to tell that person to not do it. I would hope this would be obvious to all but the most simple-minded, hence the 'moron' epithet.

Never mind the fact that it actually is dangerous.

i totally agree!!! my wife and friend were in car accidents (nobody was hurt) because the idiot drivers that hit them were both on their cell phones. and now we need to worry about those same idiots reading emails too??? just how stupid are people??? my advice to you DocMcD, if you pull your car off the road, your blackberry just might be easier to use. and no, pulling the car over should be your ONLY option when on the highway - its called a break down lane or the next exit but it looks like you are too lazy to use either one. do us all a favor and use some common sense, you just might save a few lives (including your own) in the process.