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Red face 8130 Media Song List Refresh : Encryption Issue?

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Device : 8130 v4.3.0.65 platform
Desktop manager
---These settings are locked and required by my company
Encrypt Media Files YES
Mass storage Mode support OFF

Can someone shed some light on how to stop song list index refreshing on unlocking the phone?

Does anyone who has password protected phone and has no encryption on the media card, also see the song list refresh on unlock of keyboard?

I purchased a 6GB microSD card and put a bunch of MP3 onto it directly (unencrypted) into the Media Card/Blackberry/music folder with subfolders for artists. Placed the media card into the 8130 and it sees the files and builds an index of songs/artists/albums. It seems to take about 5 to 10 minutes to complete the indexing with the longest songs showing up last (podcasts of about an hour in length in my case). All is good except I also have to have a mandatory password with a timeout on the device. When i unlock the keyboard by entering in my password, it seems to trigger the media player to have to refresh the song list and I can see the list disappear and slowly rebuild. I work around it by using explore to navigate to folders to get direct access to the MP3 that I want to play but this bypasses the whole point of the media player interface with support for search and list by artist/album/song. I also note that if a song is playing before I unlock it, the song will be stopped.

Is there a way to stop the re-indexing on unlock? I am suspicious that this happens on mine because encryption on the media card is required so any files placed on there by the blackberry has the .rem extension (indicating that it is encrypted). This includes files that I think the blackberry is using for indexing (I can see in every song folder a .rem file when I explore the media card on a PC). I can also see that playlists that are saved on the card (named playlist.m3u.rem) are not automatically repopulated but playlists saved in device memory are (I moved playlists from card to device memory and they are saved unencrypted). Im guessing the index file is also encrypted and is being forced to rebuild on unlocking of keypad.

Oddly, removing and re-inserting the media card (the situation where you are most likely to have changes in media content) does not cause re-indexing but locking and unlocking the phone does.

I also put a bunch of movies on the sd card but they always seem accessible. I presume just because there are just a small number of files that it re-indexes quickly enough that I never notice the refresh.

The requirement for encrypted Media card does seem to allow mixture of non-encrypted files and encrypted files but it doesn’t seem to be fully worked out. Photos taken are encrypted and have to be transferred using the desktop media manager to decrypt but have to be manually renamed to remove .rem extension. Photos can be emailed and will not be encrypted at the recipient. Videos are not encrypted (but cant be viewed on the BB) and can only be taken of the phone by yanking them directly of the media card. Video files are named video000x.lock.rem and can be viewed when renamed on the PC. Explore function will not allow you to rename the file without the .rem extension or to move it to device memory.

Can any one shed some light on media player working with non encrypted media on a microSD card while settings require encrypted media on card?
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