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Originally Posted by Hackberry
I have an earpiece for just this reason. I have never initiated a call from my car while moving, and I don't intend to start until the BB has voice dialling. I hope you understand there is a difference between talking and reading.

I find it quite arrogant of you to assume everyone here is guilty of the same sin. If this is holding myself to a higher standard, so be it - what exactly is wrong with doing so?

The OP brought up the issue of driving while talking/ typing/ reading. I responded in kind. If you don't like this, stop reading the forum.
Before this becomes a pissing match over the are guilty of MY statement. You talk and drive which is still dangerous to use while driving. So you are sinner just like the rest of us. Now if you would like to argue the levels of which we sin, maybe we should take this to another forum.

My Point (again): We all are guilty of talking on a cell phone while driving. Whether or not you look at the phone....

My advice: Try not to be so abrasive when trying to help someone. When I try to help someone who is on the ground...I usually don't step on their chest as I pull them up