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I get the same message on mine except I only have data service and no voice service on my BB.

By reading your posts, I have noticed a couple of points.
1. This is a new activation on Cingular.
2. The is a number porting from Verizon.
3. Neither you nor your husband have control over the billing account that this BB hooks to.

Point #3 is the most important. If the phone # originally belonged to you personally, you just gave away your phone number to under the government control. Cingular will refuse to talk to you regarding anything on the account or the BB unit unless you can prove to them that you are any authorized contact on the account (no, not authorized user, it is different). There are countless reasons why your phone behaves the way it is. The important thing is try to find out yourself if ANYTHING at all, works. Since you have verified that the voice is not working, now try the data. If the data works, your phone has been successfully ported over to Cingular and someone might have mucked with the account setting to disable voice. If nothing seems to work, check with Verizon to see if the porting has been rejected. When you requested the transfer, someone or some paperwork messed up and rejected the transfer request. It worked for a little bit since the Cingular was provisioned and then something caught on and "corrected" it. Both of these scenario explained why your voice worked for a few calls and stop; however, there might be other reasons. Without being an authorized contact on the billing account, it is tough cause I have a real story myself.