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Originally Posted by harrypotter View Post
ok, I just upgraded to the T-Mobile 8320 with Wi-Fi, and somewhat understand that UMA can enable you to make calls from another country (for me that would be Mexico) to the US at local based rates (using minutes from your plan).
This is correct. If you are in another country but have UMA on your 8320 then any calls you make will appear as if you are still in the US so your normal billing would apply.

Whats the difference between uma and UMA?
Lowercase uma means no connection to the RIM servers. Uppercase means connection to the RIM servers. Just like with lowercase/uppercase GPRS/EDGE.

I am connected to my home network now and it shows UMA. When i make international calls from my 8320 to mexico from at home using UMA, the calls are tinny and cut out. On the Edge network it doesn't seem too have that problem.
What kind of router are you using? What type of Internet service do you have?

Also, i thought I could browse the web much faster when connected thru Wi-Fi, but that doesn't seem to be the case either?
If you are using the Blackberry browser make sure it is set to Wi-Fi Browser. Start up the browser and press the Menu key, go to Options, then General Settings and change the Default Browser there.

Is there any way to make free calls to international locations with the 8320?
Not without some sort of third-party software.

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