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Originally Posted by Donkeypunch View Post
My 2 cents...Both Sprint and Verizon Wireless use CDMA technology (EVDO). While they may share the same "tower", each have their own antenna's and base station equipment. e.g. "if" they share anything it's the physical pole that their antenna's are mounted on. The networks (call processing equip) are completely separate. Sprint is all PCS spectrum, whereas VzW is 850 and/or PCS depending upon where your at. RF Propegation on PCS is not as good as 850 (physics), which means they would typically require more base stations to cover the same footprint. Then there's cacacity equation, your distance from the cell, etc. that all come into play. Some people may find they have better sprint coverage in their backyard and others may have better VzW. (ie your mileage will vary depending upon where your at). The EVDO network of Sprint/VzW has much better throughput than ATT's EDGE network. If your sending text/email your probably not going to notice the difference because it's not very bandwidth intensive.
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