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Originally Posted by southwestcomm View Post
Huh? Sprint devices use Sprint network and only use Verizon for roaming. What are you talking about?
Verizon has removed almost all of the PRL entries for sprint. This was a big issue when they first began to to that. At this point, with the new verizon plans, there is basically no roaming at all. So, its reduced to verizon making explicit agreements with sprint to allow an "extended network," but not "roaming." As long as verizon has coverage in a particular area, they will not allow you to connect to any other cdma provider at all.

So, in cases when verizon says it has coverage, but really, in fact, physically, your verizon signal is almost non-existent or unusable, you're "SOL," because your PRL wont let you away from verizon... not even to an extended network.

Sprint does not practice that extreme prl lockout to the extent to verizon does. So, a sprint user is much more likely to be using a verizon station, than a verizon user, sprint's. Sprint uses Verizon to fill in its coverage gaps.
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