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I've read in the docs that an MSDE 1.0 or 7 database has to be upgraded to MSDE 2000 before upgrading to BES 4.0, but of course my current database won't be on my new server to upgrade.

* Does the database have to be on MSDE 2000 on the BES 3.6 server before I even try to export it and import / migrate it to the BES 4.0 server?

Your database must be using MSDE 2000A or SQL 2000 before you can upgrade to BES 4.0. BES 4.0 will not work with MSDE 7.


I have BlackBerryDBBackup.exe (file version on the 3.6 to 4.0 upgrade CD (no sign of the command in a 3.6.4 Full Install archive I have but I don't have the original 3.6 CD to hand to check there).

I've tried running that BlackBerryDBBackup.exe with:

BlackberryDBBackup.exe -d BESMgmt -f e:\besdbbackup -p

on the BES but all attempts/variations at exporting the database throw up:

Server: CoInitialize Failed

in the Command window and a "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Error" window.

* Is it possible to use this version on a BES 3.6 database (on MSDE 7 and/or on MSDE 2000) ? Or do I need the version for BES 3.6, if there is one?

As for backup and restore of the database use this article:

BlackBerry Search Results


There's a BESMigration.exe command on the 3.6 to 4.0 upgrade CD but running it with any/no arguments on the BES 3.6 server fires up a missing DBGHELP.dll file error message.

* Is the BESMigration.exe command designed to be run from the BES 4.0 server after install? Am I going to be able to make it find the (MSDE 7) database on the BES 3.6 Server to migrate?

BESMigration.exe is meant to be used when you have more than 200 users. It moves the users from your BESAdmin mailbox into the database, it's meant to run first in a preview incase any users fail to migrate. Then you can remove them from the BES first. If you have less then 200 just do an inplace upgrade.


Will doing a BlackBerryBackup.exe to a file (which does work on the BES 3.6 server) be any use to me in migration configuration settings to BES4.0? Or are they in a useless format?

All the settings are in the database so don't worry about using this utility. Abackup of the DB will be sufficient.


If I can migrate the config/database over, is the host name (computer name) of the new server really going to have to be the same as the old server for the MDS to function correctly (given the references to the host name in the database)?

No, they mean the name of the BES Server in the BlackBerry Manager which can sometimes be the same as the machine name has to be the same. The machine can be anything at all, it's not important.


Can anyone outline the steps in the correct order for migrating the config and database from the BES 3.6 server to the new BES 4.0 server (bearing in mind the OS / MSDE version stated at the top of this post).

Install MSDE 2000A on the new machine and follow the restore steps in the article I posted above.

You're best bet would be to perform a knife edge cutover of the 3.6 BES to the new hardware and then upgrade to BES 4.x. If you search for knife edge cutover in the BlackBerry Technical Solution Center you will find an article just for BES 3.6.

This is your only option as BES 4.0 does not work on Windows NT that I am aware of.

Any questions let us know.
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