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Originally Posted by bigkaspi View Post
I just got the Pearl on friday and I love it. Yesterday it started deleting the messages and call logs on it's own. I'd let it sit in idle for a while and when I come back to it.. all my call history is gone, and my texts are missing. If I have a missed call and I accidently close out the notification before I can vew it, I never know who called me. Obviously this is a problem. All I've done since I've owned it is taken 13 pictures, and performed the memory cleaner mod. The memory cleaner is disabled though. I found the mod either on here, crackberry, or pinstack.. one of the three.

I also bought a 2gb card yesterday, and put some wallpapers, and ringtones on it. Although when I go into "My Ringtones" now, they don't show up like they did yesterday. They only show up when I go into "All Ringtones". Very strange. If anyone can help me out I'd be much appreciated.
You will need to free up some space.

Start here:

Why is my BlackBerry losing its call logs or message logs? -

Then go here:

How do I free up memory on my device? -

Good luck! You want to shoot for at least 18 to 20MB file free.

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