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Originally Posted by JSanders View Post
For text files, what is wrong with Memo Pad, then?
Feature starved indeed, but that is not the deal breaker. It's that it can't open/import .txt files off the SD card. I drag and drop a bunch of music from the PC to the phone, why can't I do the same with txt files? Even the lame pared down LG phone I used to have before I bought the Blackberry would let me do that.

Originally Posted by Redflea View Post
You didn't say, but if you're using Outlook for your contacts/calendar/tasks
No, I use Linux. And Outlook notes probably have a very short size limit.

That's one of the things I really love about txt: it's very simple and universal. It is a very useful alternative to proprietary formats that companies will really strive to lock us into. That's what I want: nothing that requires conversions, special programs, proprietary formats or any given operating system. I want to use my text files just like I use my MP3 files. Outlook is totally the opposite of what I'm looking for here. Heck, even with e-mail, Outlook will store it in some weird proprietary format. How can I ever trust a solution that does that to an open universal format?

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