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Originally Posted by JSanders View Post
Well, your question was answered and there is a ready-made solution built in to the BB OS for what you could use. The fact that it is not exactly what you want or would design yourself aside, it does edit text files.
I may drop in $0.02, the question has not been appropriately (successfully?) answered yet, I get the spidey sense that luc-mobile and I are common soldiers in the same battle. I *do* use the MemoPad to store notes (and Tasks - neverending Tasks are a sneaky way to store lots of notes that sync around) but it's far, far insufficient for the needs.

Here, lemme plug in my BB and see what texts I have (which I store in \tBooks, much like \eBooks (MobiPocket) and \MDict (dictionaries)) on my card:

778395   1_Mindstar_Rising.txt
700458   2_A_Quantum_Murder.txt
1071160  3_The_Nano_Flower.txt
927307   Beowulfs_Children.txt
3047     Blue_States.txt
84516    breakfastclub.txt
3044     calif.txt
45118    const.txt
487579   Count_Zero.txt
1493     farc.txt
460900   Neuromancer.txt
As is obvious, I have books, notes, and even a copy of the US Constitution and the script from Breakfast Club sitting on my SD card. MemoPad can *not* handle these things, what luc-mobile and I search for is a good, basic-but-usable plain text editor/viewer that can be found almost anywhere.

Heck, I'd love a mini 'vi' even. :-D
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