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Originally Posted by chaz0872 View Post
I recently downloaded BeamBerry and am pleased with the document viewing capability it provides. This was a tool to use with the other new addition to my BB8800, mini SD Card. My hopes was that I could attached files from my SD card to emails. I am unable to do so and even followed the prescribed process from another post:

1. *Use copy/paste in the BeamBerry file viewer to copy the file that you would like to attach to an e-mail message from your SD card to BeamDisk
2. *When composing an e-mail, use the "Attach from BeamDisk" feature

In the future we will add "Attach from SD Card" feature to make this process one step rather than two.

This process did not work for me. I can view the files no problem, select and copy but when I go to the email and select "Attach from BeamDisk the "Attachments" section just says *Empty*. If I select the menu the only option I have is "add attachments". If I select that it takes me back to the BeamBerry Browser. I can highlight a file but the only menu options are "refresh" and "full menu". If I select "full menu" the only options are "refresh" and "close". This then becomes a never-ending cycle.

I really need the ability to attach files from my SD to emails. The above process does not work for me. Please let me know how this can be done successfully.
Okay, I just figured this out. I have to copy the file from my SD then scroll up to the "BeamDisk" folder and then select paste all while in "BeamBerry File Browser." THEN I can use the "Attach from BeamDisk" option in the email to go to the "BeamDisk Attachments" location where it says *Empty*. Select "Add Attachments" in that window and add the attachments located under the "BeamDisk" section in the "BeamBerry File Browser" that I previously pasted. Then I can select the "back" button or "menu/full menu/close" to complete the attachment process.

Glad I figured it out but it is not as simple as the 2 points listed above make it. Certainly not for a new user.

I do like the options BeamBerry offers. If I read previous posts correctly the file attachment process is being upgraded. Would be great to see it less cumbersome. Am glad I now have the option to view files AND add attachments though.
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