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Originally Posted by tgeekb View Post
Well, that is the opinion of one. While I am happy and would not trade my Blackberry for an iPhone, I have been using Macs since 2000. In fact, my original iMac is still in our living room and used daily by my daughter in high school while I use a MacBook as my main computer. I'm not sure what is wrong with design in technology. The iPhone is revolutionary and I don't understand why Apple haters are against it. Doesn't it help all of us to have companies that will push the envelope of technology? I also don't understand why people compare the iPhone to Blackberry, they are two different products and can both survive in the same world. JMHO though, just like you have yours.
While i agree with you, that Apple does have much better design than say IBM, I do not see the iPhone as a revolution. It didnt completely alter the course of technology, it merely took the best features of many other devices and put them into one. This is besides the point however, as personal opinions will vary. I will say however, that these "keep me from buying X" threads are kind of amusing. The only real person who will convince anyone of anything is themselves. If you have a chance to play with new technology, do it, its usually alot of fun and normally you learn something. If you like it better than your current device, good luck to you, noone here will wish ill of you. If you dont, you still have your trusty (well, still over 99.98% uptime) blackberry. Either way, good luck
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