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Default Getting Curve to Stay with Wifi over T-Mobile Network

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First off, i used the search button, if its been covered, my bad.

Sevice is good with my phone everywhere but in my apartment, where it isn't great. I was pumped when i found out that i could sync my phone with my 802.11G router and use that connection for calls and web access. Here's the issue, the phone is almost always switching back to the tmobile network, even though i have it set to WiFi preferred. Spent 1.5 hours last night on the phone with Tmobile blackberry department going through all kinds of stuff, and they seem stumped. Is there any good way of making it use the UMA instead of the tmobile network without having to turn off the Tmobile network, if i do that, it works on UMA just fine, but i don't want to have to hassle with switching it every time i come and go.

BTW, they sent me an email with tips, and i already did all this

* Under the 'wireless' tab xxx8211; change the router's channel to '11'. This will prevent radio frequency interference from other wireless equipment. APPLY the setting change and power router OFF/ON to update.
* The following must be enabled in order to support HotSpot@Home:

ĜUDP port 500 xxx8211; enabled in both directions through the firewall
ĜUDP port 4500 xxx8211; enabled in both directions through the firewall
ĜIPSec Passthrough xxx8211; enabled (if available)
ĜQOS xxx8211; Quality of Service xxx8211; enabled (if available)
ĜEnter the IP or MAC address of your phone and assign 140 kbps as a priority bandwidth for this address (if available)


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