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Originally Posted by sjogran
I knew this would get your attention. I know this has been talked about before but I'm a newb and I want to discuss it again. I'm just now getting into the details of GPS on a mobile device and how it works but I wanted to ask some basic questions and really just confirm what I already know.

What I know about my device:
1.) Up to 4GB and climbing REMOVABLE storage media (microSD, miniSD, SD, etc)
2.) Built-in Satellite GPS receiver or Freedom Keychain GPS abilities through Bluetooth
3.) My device has the ability already to install and incorporate software of all kinds

Knowing the above my questions:
1.) Why can't I pay a one-time fee for maps, just as the $300 - $500 TomToms, Garmins, etc to install maps on my device so I don't need to RELY on digital cellular coverage?

I'm GUESSING this is because the service providers know they can maintain a monthly revenue off of this. Also, I understand the advantages of getting up-to-date maps, traffic reports, etc from real-time pulling. I guess I'm asking too much for them to code for: If no cell coverage, use built-in maps + satellite connection. If cell coverage, attempt to update maps already on device.

I'm sure I'm beating a dead/buried/incarnate horse here but I wanted to state my concern and my frustration with why GPS doesn't work like this on mobile devices. Is there anything in the future that can change this? Certainly some software/mapping company could make some money off of this? Does RIM have legal bindings against this with Telenav or other paid services? Any thoughts on the matter are welcome...
When you and enough others are ready to pay for this and provide the desired return to developers, I think it will come.
- Ira
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