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I've talked to verizon at length quite a bit.. *sadly* When I was thinking of renewing my contract and getting a pearl with them...

As far as I know, I could be wrong.
but as long as you have a blackberry. you HAVE to have the blackberry $30 plan. This is at least the impression I was under when I was talking to them vs. T-Mobile for my phone.

You see where I went ;) T-Mobile doesn't require such a plan to use a blackberry (I have it, but its $10 cheaper here anyway)

LUCKILY - Thanks to the wonderful congress, they have drastically changed what verizon can and cannot do. Getup1995 said they added the 3 months to the end of their contract, as far as the last I think couple months, they cannot extend your contract for this.

If you want to leave verizon entirely, you can cancel your contract, for ~$150. They kinda screw you on options though really.

What I have learned though with Verizon... My 2 year contract, became a 4 year contract, and they suck your money (and time) from you. Maybe I'm a little bitter towards them, but their plans are not worth what you pay.. at all. Sure there's a slight better coverage across the US/Globe.. But when it comes down to it, do I need that extra 20min of service driving to Arizona, at the expense of $70? I think not.

Call them/Go in to your local store and see your options. Because you are going overseas, you may be able to knock down your plan.. or get angry enough at them that they give in ;). Be sure to let us know what happens though! (At least I am interested!)
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