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Some ideas for you - I'm not an Unbuntu user, but these are generic things to check.

1) make sure you don't have the kernel module 'berry_charge' installed *and* are trying to use 'bcharge' at the same time; they are ... let's call them competing programs to charge your BlackBerry. You only want one of them around at a time.

Assuming Ubuntu kernels keep their modules in the same /lib/modules/ path like most everyone else. run this command in a shell:

find /lib/modules -name berry_charge.ko
If you get any results, then you have a more recent kernel with berry_charge built/enabled, and it may be capturing your BlackBerry *before* you are running bcharge. You may wish to remove (just move the file from wherever it is into a temp folder, like /root/saveme/, then reboot - don't delete it, you might want to put it back later) berry_charge.ko file and work with bcharge. Or, uninstall bcharge and only work with berry_charge.ko; what you don't want to do is have them both installed/enabled at the same time, this will cause you grief.

2) are you plugging into a USB HUB, or directly into your desktop/laptop PC? Currently there's a bug with berry_charge (which may or may not also affect bcharge, I stopped using bcharge some time ago so can't check) where it's not working right with USB hubs, the developers are working on it. Here's the Red Hat bug report and lots of nerdy info:

If you're using a HUB, try and plug the device directly into your PC instead and see if that helps.
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