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Originally Posted by Getup1995 View Post
Called Verizon today. They still offer a vacation suspension; and yes they still add the numbers of days you request the suspension to then end of your contract.

They are not extending the contract, I am. I requested that my phone be disconnected so that I will not have to pay for the three months that I spend overseas. Plus they are helping me out: I can't use my phone and they did not charge me a monthly service fee and I did not have to cancel my contract. However, because they are allowing me to suspend payment and modify my contract it is only fair that they add those days/months to my contract.

Congress did nothing to inhibit this type of transaction.
Verizon will nickle and dime you to dead. Their CDM phone would not work most of the world. What you need to do is switch to ATT or Tmobile. They are GSM and will work around the world. Tmobile does not try to be cute with you with all sort of rates. I used to have Verizon but I could not stand their way of doing business so I dropped them and paid the penalty to switch to TMobile and am happy since then. I would never deal with Verizon whether it is cell or land line.
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