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I have been pissed about this for a while and mentioned it on more than one thread. I'll say this, you should complain to RIM about it and maybe they will change. My T-Support is going to over 11,000 this year from 7200 as well. Totally ridiculous. When I enquired they said that normal maint is like 18-20% and when you figure in the costs of CALs bes and devices, it is less than that. DEVICES, I said, but I don't buy them from you and get new ones every year or two. They said, well you indirectly buy them from rim. It would almost be cheaper to buy new BES every year for $3200 and then just move users from one bes to the other with BES 4.0 on a shared database. You get one year of service with a new SRP free.

BTW, they do know how many device you have on each BES because your PINs are mapped to your SRP at RIM. That is how the gateway knows what BES to send the messages to. Besides to lie about the number of licenses would be wrong and unethical.