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Originally Posted by peterparker123 View Post
First of, I want to say this is a great forum. I love macs and I love BBs

Although I'm new I hope that you don't mind if I start a thread that would consolidate some of the different threads about the tethering your Mac to the Blackberry 8830. I'm not adding a new information but hope to make it easier for those that are looking for the information to come to one thread that they can use. Okay here it goes.

Can you tether your Mac to the Blackberry 8830?
The answer is Yes.
Can I tether via USB or Bluetooth?
I tried tethering via USB but was not able to do this but I have tethered via Bluetooth. Different posters have reported that they have been only able to tether via BT only. So the answer right now is BT only.
What are the speeds that you are getting?
I have gotten 220 down and 78 up. I think that this is pretty decent. It seems that this is pretty standard on VZW and Sprint. I'm not sure about the other carriers but if you can reply and add your speeds it would be great.
What is your service provider?
My service provider is Sprint. This was frustrating because it seemed like most post had to do with T Mobile or Cirgular/ATT and recently VZW. Based on the differents post that posters are reporting that all can tether. I will consolidate all of the info I found. Each carrier has to have a login and phone number
For Sprint
User Name: None
Password: None
Telephone Number: #777
For Verizon
User Name: (
Password: vzw
Telephone Number: #777
For Cingular
Still working on this
For TMobile
Still working on this
Do I need a special script?
I did not use a special script. I just followed a couple of cobbled together instructions from different sources - some on these site and some from other sites. So my answer to do this would be that you don't need a script.

Do I need to get a special plan to tether?

Depends on the carrier.

Sprint: No - it is included in your BB plan.
VZW: Yes - you have to add it for $15 per month. And you have to call

How can I tether my Blackberry 8830 with my mac?
1. Make sure that you pair your BT with your Macbook Pro.
2. Go to System Preferences.
3. Click on Network.
4. Click on the pull down for Show.
5. Choose Bluetooth.
6. Skip all the other tabs and leave blank and click on Bluetooth Modem.
7. Click on the Modem pull down and choose WWAn Support.
8. Check all of the boxes underneath the Modem pull down.
9. Close out and you will see a little phone icon in the status bar next to the airport status bar. Click on it.
10. Go down to the Open Internet Connect and click on Bluetooth.
11. Fill in the telephone number, account name and password .
12. Save it.
13. Turn off your airport.
14. Click on the phone icon and then click on connect.
15. If you have paired your phone correctly and your mac you should see the blue light start blinking. On your phone it will ask for permission. Click Yes.
16. You should see a connection dialog box with a send and receive bars on it.
17. Congrats you have tethered your Blackberry 8830 to the the mac.
Again thank you for such a great forum. Even though I'm new I hope that you don't mind that I'm doing this post. I hope to give back by contributing. I know there are more knowledgeable posters on this forum and I would appreciate any additions to this thread.
I got it to work, excellent instructions. Connection speed 297/100, carrier is Sprint and I am using a BB8830
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