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Default Finally! My duplicate email problem (no, not the simple gmail one) is resolved!!

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I've been using my Blackberry VZW Pearl with BIS to access my company's Exchange email via IMAP since about November.

Some time in early January, I started getting duplicate emails on my work email account. If I forwarded or replied to an email, or even just set a reminder flag on it, the original email was re-sent to my blackberry. Like this:

* I received an email
* It appeared in outlook and on my blackberry
* I replied to, or flagged the message for follow-up, or forwarded it using Outlook
* The original message appeared again on my blackberry

It would even happen if I simply opened an email in Outlook for a few of minutes.

I had tried all sorts of things to fix it, things I thought of, suggestions from others here, spent a couple hours on the phone w/Verizon support, and none of them worked.

I was futzing around with this tonight after spending more frustrating time going through and removing dupes from my BB, and decided to delete and add my work email account again. I'd done that about 6 or 7 times already w/no change, but what the heck, I'm an optimist.

When I deleted and added my work email account, the VZW BIS site selected a different server than it had before.

Originally the BIS site had selected:


After dupes started arriving I manually changed to the server name below to see if that would help. It didn't, still got dupes.


Today, when I deleted and re-setup my work email account on the VZW BIS site, it selected an entirely new and unknown (to me) server:


Since this change about three hours ago, I've had zero dupes on my BB!

I don't know enough about exchange and BIS to know if the server name formats are "generic" across companies, but I was hoping that others having this very annoying duplicate email problem could try using a server name w/the above format to get the same relief.

Appreciate it if others w/more experience/expertize in this area could chime in - but it might be that if you are having this problem, you could try editing your Advanced Settings for your email account on your providers BIS site and set your server to and see if it works/helps.
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