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Originally Posted by SoxFan View Post
AT&T and RIM are claiming the red water damage indicator means they have no liability for faulty parts. I have had two breakdowns due to flimsy workmanship on my Blackberry: the trackball popped out and was lost and the USB input has now broken. Also, the back clasp is wimpy and the back falls off easily/accidentally.

AT&T claims that the warranty is not valid because the red water damage indicator is exposed.

First, there has been no water damage -- the indicator itself is faulty.

Second, these manufacturing defects have nothing to do with water -- they are manufacturing/hardware defects.

I presume others have had similar problems. I want to assemble a class action against AT&T and RIM. They are using a faulty argument to avoid legitimate liability for manufacturing defects. The broken parts have nothing to do with water. The electronics work fine. And then, there's the fact that I haven't had water damage, outside of normal use.

ok this may shed some light on the issue. the water damage indicator doesnt mean it has to be submerged completely in water to be activated. any type of water condensation will cause this (i.e leaving the phone in the bathroom when your taking a hot shower.) the smallest amount of condensation or even if your hands were sweaty when you took the battery out can cause this.

this is the tricky part, as for a class action suit you might as well forget this because the definition of class action is when the "majority" of the users with that device have the same problem and its a known defect in the water damage indicator for that device. you are going to have to convince the company that the phone was defective before the damage indicator showed water damage and that is not going to be an easy fight. so hopefullt you have insurance on the phone instead.
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