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Default AutoText

I use autotex a lot.

Names I commonly use are all automatically capitalized ("bonnie" becomes "Bonnie").

It's a gas for anything with apostrophes ("wouldnt" becomes "wouldn't'), and is very effective with email formats ("d" becomes "Dear", and "s" becomes "Sincerely,").

Large gobs of narrative can be inserted with a couple of thumb strokes ("cn" become that huge mass of confidentiality legalese following your signature in an email, for example).

All kinds of different signature and address formats for your communications can be used with a couple of thumb hits ("ps" can be your personal signature with address and phone number, "rd" can be just your name, "m" can be what your girlfriend calls you, and so on).

Also, I automatically correct common thumb stroke mistakes with autotext ("thje" becomes "the"). If I havge (becomes "have") to correct a commonly used word twice, I flip it into autotext and I never have to bother with correcting that mistake again. Autotext actually expands the cramped keyboard quarters of the Berry for me.

Autotext is way sweet if you spend time conforming it to your use.

The only problem I've had is that it does not migrate with your sim card when you switch out your device, as almost all other features of the Berry do, such as address book, tasks, and so on. It's a bit=h to redo my auto text each time I upgrade. But it is worth it.
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