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Originally Posted by ubizmo View Post
If you've used this program, can you give a short review? It looks good.
I bought it several months ago and have played in briefly now and again. You can download free puzzles quite easily and the app itself is not too bad. You can change the font, colours and they seem to have an 'online' dictionary lookup (but I haven't used it).

However before I started using a BB I used to use a Palm Treo 650. I prefer the crossword app on the Treo and so I still keep the Treo and use it simply to play crosswords (I have wikipedia on the Treo to look up clues!). Therefore I haven't used BB crossword app too often- mainly when I'm on the road and away from the Treo.

If I didn't have the Treo I'd probably use it more often. I think its probably better than the 'Crossword Cafe' application as its not clear how many crosswords you get for $2.99 a month.

Unfortunately I can't test 'Crossword Cafe' as they don't have a download link- only an SMS return message system which only works in the US. Which is probably a good thing as they state on their site that you need an 'unlimited data plan' to avoid extra costs and unlimited data plans are not available from my miserable provider.

Come to think of it, if 'Crossword Cafe' are saying you need an unlimited plan, that makes me think that they probably don't download the puzzles to your machine but instead make you play online. But that's a guess on my part.
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