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dexmobile: the "thank you" email with the key your system sends was trapped as SPAM by by ISP's email system - this is very, very uncommon, 99.99% of the time they only trap real spam. Here is why they believe it was spam to help your team maybe rewrite that email content:

Content analysis details: (6.0 points, 5.0 required)

 pts rule name              description
---- ---------------------- --------------------------------------------------
 0.0 HTML_MESSAGE           BODY: HTML included in message
 1.7 MIME_HTML_ONLY         BODY: Message only has text/html MIME parts
 1.8 MIME_QP_LONG_LINE      RAW: Quoted-printable line longer than 76 chars
 1.1 HTML_MIME_NO_HTML_TAG  HTML-only message, but there is no HTML tag
 1.5 MSGID_FROM_MTA_HEADER  Message-Id was added by a relay
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