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Originally Posted by tazeat View Post
With the exception of the SD card, after 10 bad pass attempts the BB's memory self destructs right?

Would this not kill roblock? Would roblock text the person that you have as your friend after like 5 bad attempts?

If an experienced theft got a hold of this, they could immediately do a complete wipe using a computer and thus still keep the SD card info AND prevent them from having the new SIM number sent to the friend, completely thwarting the purpose of this? (Unless of course the wipe command was already sent to the phone I guess).

If the wipe command goes off, all software is gone right? How would it text the new persons SIM # after its been wiped, or does it not wipe the program, just databases/SD?

Would it be possible to also forward along the GPS coordinates for those that have integrated GPS capabilities?

But hey for the $5 promotion its not a bad idea and looks fairly well implemented given the requirements and device limitations.
In response to my own question, 10 bad pass attempts all your personal data is wiped, but apps stay, therefore the software would still be there and at least have the ability to submit the information and identify you based on your PIN (but does it w/ out log in info stored?)

Still this doesnt stop somebody from immediately moving the battery / sim card, then wipe the app when he gets home? Just seems like such a false sense of security. Then again I doubt any thief would know the software was on there especially if the screen was locked, and bother to do any precautions like that...