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Originally Posted by dexmobile View Post
The Roblock icon in the tasklist indicates that you are protected. You can disable Roblock by ending the task.However when the device is rebooted, the application autostarts again and thus will notify you about a change of SIM card, if any. The manual shutdown option of Roblock may be useful when you need a bit of extra memory for some resource intensive applications.
OK, so to understand completely - if I see the icon in my task list, I am protected. If I don't see the icon in my task list, I am not protected. These two statements are true, yes?

If so, then what happens - reboot your device and the app autostarts. Open the task list, click on the icon and the program comes front & center with the login screen. Now press the ESC key without logging in (as in, maybe you accidentally clicked the wrong icon in the task list, I do that a lot) - the application has exited, you are no longer protected.

Not necessarily a bug, but I think the design should be that an ESC key from the app itself should shunt the app to the background again, not exit. Many, many people use the ESC key instead of the red (hang up) key assuming an app like yours will remain running, including myself. If you (the user with a bad memory) have to remember that the app needs the red/hangup key to background it, this will lead to people not having it running in the background.

I realize the normal applications exit with the ESC keypress, which makes perfect sense - they are not really intended to be running the way RobLock runs. Some, though, do understand this - GMail (and Gmail for Domains), MSDict (language lookup app) and others do not exit when ESC is pressed, they background themselves. I think that having RobLock running all the time is very important, so it shouldn't exit on an ESC keypress to help the user from un-protecting themselves accidentally (like me ).

And thank you for reporting the email content issue. We will be updating the template soon.
My pleasure, happy to help.
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