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I have had some pretty strange email behavior now for about 7 days. Here is the jist of my problem.

Since I have had my pearl (8 weeks), I have always received my emails instantly, usually before they hit my inbox on my computer. However, now I get about 1 in every 5 emails on my blackberry.

I did some testing and here is what I found. I sent 4 emails to my inbox in rapid succession, with the text : test 1, test 2, test 3, and test 4 respectively.

I received nothing on my blackberry, but they showed up immediately in my inbox.

I waited 20 minutes and sent test 5 email and I almost immediately got an email on my blackberry. Thinking all was good, I checked it and it was actually test #1 email. Weird, because that was the only one I got, even though 1-4 were sent within 10 seconds of one another. So I sent test #6 and rec'd nothing. Waited a few minutes and sent test # 7 and rec'd an email for test #5.

I'm up to test # 32 today with no rhyme, reason or pattern to what or when I get an email if any. Of the 32 tests I've sent, I've only rec'd an email for 5 of them, and 3 of those 5 were immediately after sending a test email, but the one I rec'd was not the email I had just sent.

Also, I did install the updated Verizon OS on Tuesday, and it went fine, and I seemed to be getting emails normally untill the last couple of days.


I resent service books about 20 minutes ago, and again I received the email my dad sent me last tuesday.

I called Verizon wireless last Saturday and the technician sent me a test email after she re-provisioned my phone and reset the email account. I was supposed to reply to her when it arrived, and if she didn't get a reply within 20 minutes then she would assume I didn't get it and call me back to try some other troubleshooting. Well I never got it, and I never heard back from her. However, when I got up this morning (Monday), I had her email in my blackberry inbox, said it was received at 5:46am. Now it was originally received on my desktop email on Saturday around 1:30pm. When I checked my desktop email this morning (monday), around 6:30am, I had two emails that I had received at 5:45am and 6:02am, but they have not come through on my blackberry as of 8:15am.


I have a new pearl 8130 today, and after activation, still had the same email issues.

So I decided to again, upgrade the OS to .97, with success. Still the same email issues though.

Under the advice of the Verizon Tech, I logged into BIS and deleted my email account, then pulled the battery from my blackberry. I then re-added my email account through BIS and resent the service books. Put the battery back after a few minutes and powered up.

Still having email issues, but after some rigorous testing, here is what I can seem to do with some consistancy.

I've done the following from 2 different email accounts: I try to send an email to my blackberry putting the current time in subject and text field. If I send just one email, nothing happens, even after an hour or so. If I send a second email, and then 3rd email, this for some reason tends to trigger the first email to hit my blackberry inbox, then after about 30 seconds, the other two hit my inbox. So now all 3 that have been sent have arrived at my blackberry inbox.

However, if I immediately go to send another email to my blackberry, .... i get nothing, even if I send two more emails after it. Only if I wait for 40 minutes or so before I send the string of 3 emails can I get them to show up, but only if I send 3 or 4... sending just 1 never gets anything to my inbox.

I'm really lost on this one.

All of the emails do show up immediately on my desktop email, but not the blackberry.

I have had the pearl for about 8 weeks and it has worked great up until last week.

If I'm not being specific enough or if you guys need some other info, let me know and I'll get it on here.

Just to put an exclamation on my point.... I sent 3 emails to my inbox at 1:19, 1:24, 1:28 today. I received nothing on my blackberry. I just registered on this site, and when I received the registration link in my inbox, the 1:19 email immediately hit my blackberry. So I logged into my inbox to click on the confirmation link from this site, and upon doing so, it sent a confirmation email to my inbox, which immediately triggered the 1:24 email to hit my blackberry inbox. The time was around 2:40.

Not that I wish this problem on anyone, but I'm hoping someone has had a simliar problem and could offer a fix.

Thanks in advance.
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