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Originally Posted by ArgonNJ View Post
I guess you have never played with the iphone. Mobile Safari is 1000 times better then mobile IE.
no i played with an iphone. its the junk apple codes which makes their product inferior. i am tired of the apple fan boys who believe in the idiotic apple commercials,

here this is how good apple is..

apple distributes safari exactly like malware, oh look itunes update, the heck why is safari included now? its not an itunes update.

mac book air, safari or os x safari buffer overrun exploit while this has been out for a long time now apple still refuses to patch it.

Slashdot | MacBook Air First To Be Compromised In Hacking Contest

btw the hack applies to all os x safari not just air. its even funnier it was hacked within 2 minutes of going online.

Slashdot | Microsoft or Apple - Who Is the Faster Patcher?

and how the key commercials are set at the ignorant masses who believe apple is superior to a pc i laugh at,

i would rather take a ms product or win mobile device before an apple product, just for he sheer false advertising behind it.

Mozilla CEO: Safari = Malware? | The Boy Genius Report

i mean the lines mac follows is so funny, microsoft has anti trust, while mac can practice the same crap ms got sued over and get away with it.. gimmie a break, mac is 10x worst then microsoft, the bottom line tho, they are so small in user base, nobody cares. and most mac users walk with blinders on.

p.s i have played with the iphone and if i was a girl it would be a device for me, its too femmine for me, and i'm not 16 and in hs that sporting media on a phone is cool with friends.. the feel from the phone is girlish.

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