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Originally Posted by deficitism
Thanks for the quick response. But no, its not a web app I am looking to have developed. I have a web app already, but I need someone to develop a blackberry application GUI that utilizes my web app, so that a user does not have to launch the browser and go to a URL. Basically I need an application that requires the user to enter their login variables and it pulls data from my server via my web scripts. This is a product I would like to market, so I want an application that actually goes on the blackberry desktop. Thanks.
Hi deficitism, do you need to keep the data persistant on the BB?
Will you need to synchronize your data from the BB to the server?
How many fields will the BB gui require?
Does it need to operate withn a secure connection?
Does the data that is pulled from the Web app server need to be formatted in a tabular format?
Will calculations be required?

Just some questions. I have a Web applications background and the BB caught my interest and am currently learning the ropes. The BB manual has some good examples and so does the SUN Web site for J2ME. Check it out and it might give you some ideas on how to go about this. What would help is if you had an SRS.

Good luck!