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Hello Mr. Admin, I can't say your response makes a lot of sense. Just because RIM advertises something, it doesn't make it robust. Your comment certainly isn't the help I'm looking for. Buyng a PeeCee isn't a solution, but I think you knew that already. I have to serve as my own admin. PeeCees are your job security, right?

You admit you haven't used their support, so you can't comment. Right now, it stinks so I hope you don't need it. I'm certainly glad my job doesn't depend on their response times.

PocketMac has never advertised itself as a replacement for Desktop Manager. I knew going in that if I wanted to install software to my BB, I would need to use Windoze.

LC and I would just like for PocketMac to work as advertised. They say they will sync a Mac to a BB with Daylite data, but we're having trouble. I didn't say PocketMac was useless, it just doesn't work as advertised for me...yet. Others here and elsewhere have reported success syncing with Daylite. I may have done something wrong or can't see the forest for the trees. My wife tells me all the time I have a real flair for the obvious.

BTW, the difference between my setup and LC's is slight. I'm using a 7290 on a PB17 with 10.4.2 and DL 1.7.6 b624. PM version 3.12.

BBadmin, please take my comments as a a gentle push back. This thread is about PocketMac. It isn't about Macs vs. PeeCees.