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Originally Posted by Treo600
Originally Posted by ScOObydoo
Same here, happened when the 7100 lost it's BT connection with my headset, device just rebooted.

RIM has really pissed me off with this device, after years of very reliable devices they pull this stunt :(
C'mon Scooby - you've never dealt with version 1 of a product? While I am not disagreeing that there are bugs in the code, every new release of a BlackBerry has had bugs. They fix them. So this time the bugs are in IM and BT. Last time it was something else. Same thing was said about the 5810. Which was not a good BlackBerry. The 7100t is great. I can live with an occasional reset. Just like I have to live with Windows problems.
The 7100 shoud not have these problems, and yes; I've had 100's of version 1 products.

These bugs are too reproduceable to be acceptable.

It's not like we found some wacky roundabout way to makde the device hang, all you do is turn off a bluetooth device in the middle of accepting it's connection, and it crashes. Things like this should never make it past their product testing.

The 5810 is the only device i know of that was as bad as the 7100, RIM has an excellent reputation when it comes to the quality of their products.

In the case of the 7100 there are simply too many serious issues to be able to call it a "great" product. Between the having to reboot to get messages come through, and the bluetooth issues I'd still claim that RIM screwed up, they should have delayed the introduction of the device.