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Originally Posted by NickfromIL View Post
As far as Verizon goes, even if they give you a free replacement, and RIM deems it not a warrenty covered fault, they charge your account full retail of the replacment they gave you.
Tmo does this too...
When I got my phone replaced the lady I was talking to said that if it's decided that the problem was my fault for any reason, I get charged $300 for the phone. Or if the water indicator was red, I would get charged the $300 as well..
Luckily I had no problem... But I'm sure others have!

Usually, when talking to a CSR though, if it's "your fault" they don't even give you a new phone.
I had a scratch on my LG 6000, and my antenna was also broken... The lady said "There's a big scratch, which means it's your fault. And that's a pretty nasty scratch too. Your only option is insurance for $50."
It was stupid... but yeah, I know Verizon wont replace phones if there's too much physical damage, because they "can't tell" if the problem is your causing or manufacturers... That LG was one of two I've had to pay for through insurance, both phones were too "damaged" physically to be replaced through warranty...
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