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You're reply made me chuckle. You're correct, just becuase RIM advertises something does not make it robust, but business sense would make you think a company with 6 million users would check this software out.

As a Mac user of 8 years and a certified Windows admin for a couple of years I know enough about both sides of the coin....and I know how easy it is for a Mac user to take offence for no good reason, as you have done here (trust me I've been there). My reply had nothing to do with Macs vs PC's at all (obviously the Mac in you is reading between the lines). Perhaps when you've become accustomed to this forum a little more you'll learn it's about a collective of information and sharing our knowledge and experiences of BlackBerry. My post explained my experience and knowledge of PocketMac, if you don't want to hear it then don't post!!! I don't think the designers of this forum intended for it to be used merely for complaining about software, and if you wish to do that perhaps you should email PocketMac. My 'BUY A PC' sentence at the end of my post was not written in malice, but as a bit of light humour, which you quite obviously don't get - my apologies, no offense meant