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Default PIN Messaging delay problem...

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Hello there.

I've had a recent issue with PIN communications between my wife's blackberry and my own. We both own 8703e.

I have searched through this forum, help databases regarding message delays, and have not come up with a conclusive answer.

This is what's happening. My wife and I communicate with each other, primarily through PIN messaging. The last several weeks, when sending a PIN to my wife's device, there are times where I get a confirmed delivery within seconds...and other times, (more frequently now) it takes minutes to a hour before she receives my PIN. She doesn't apparently have any issues sending her PIN messages to me, as she confirms delivery quickly and practically every time.

Here's the strange part. It only seems to be problematic when I send PINs to her device. When I see that a PIN wasn't received, I will try a couple more...only to see the same result. Then I will send a PIN to a couple of other people that I know with BBs and I get a delivery confirmation just fine. I'd then immediately try to PIN my wife again and the message stays pending. It's gotten very frustrating.

It wasn't always like this, as we've been BB users for about 4 years now. Everything has been great, up until now...

Here's what I've done so far to attempt to correct the problem.

* I resent service books on both devices.
* I've hard booted and soft booted both devices.
* I've upgraded her 7250 to a 8703e (the problem started when she had the 7250, but still persists with the 8703e)
* Problem persists in both manual compose PIN option and BB Messenger.

Some relevent details.

My 8703 is on 4.2 OS. Her 8703 is on 4.1 OS.
We both are on Verizon.
We are not on BES, just BIS.
We both are on VZW's unlimited BB data pkg.
No new applications were introduced to bring about problem.
Her 7250 was on 4.0 OS before upgrading to 8703 (Again, the problem started when she was using her 7250).

Any help would be appreciated. I called Verizon and their CSR that was supposedly familiar with Blackberry devices just said that PIN and Email delays can be normal. For years, our PINs have been flawless...very fast delivery times.

Will upgrading her OS to match mine help?

Again, thanks.
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