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I think I have been switched now for 2 months from a BlackBerry 8310. I agree insofar as the email being PUSH is perhaps the best feature the BlackBerry has. I would add to that in all fairness by saying that the BlackBerry seems to have quicker access to email in some cases as well. For example, if you have email downloaded to the BB, and you start to read it, it's just instantly available. On the iPhone, sometimes it feels delayed slightly. But before you write the point down for the BlackBerry in the email department, read on...

I do a lot of design work. And the funny thing, at least it's funny in my opinion, is that RIM touts the very same kind of people on their web site. If you read the types of people that are spotlighted on the BB site, it's designers. And the reason why is that they want to take notes and see layouts via the BlackBerry. Now I can related to both of these functions in a huge way. I am into sales, business, etc. But half my day is also spent in QuarkXPress, Illustrator (mostly), and Photoshop. And I to send PDFs and graphics. And my printers will send me smaller PDF versions of what they see and intend to print for my final approval. I don't care what anyone says, for those tasks, the iPhone is easily head and shoulders ahead of the BlackBerry. Even the add-on services that try to make this experience better are no match for the iPhone in this regard.

Where the BlackBerry is clearly superior is in the text of the email, not the graphics. The text comes through easily, and quickly, even under slow access. I used AT&T for both so I am good judge of this. iPhone mail can feel delayed in just reading it, and I suspect it's not totally downloading it, or is needs improvement in caching the email in the device. It's not a deal breaker, but it could stand improvement.

Two days ago I was reading Metal Swarm by Kevin J. Anderson on my Kindle. I was on a train when I finished the book. I could have listened to music to pass the time of the rest of my trip, but I really wanted to read something. I used the free EDVO network built into the Kindle to browse other books. I found a new book, where the first few chapters are free so you can decide if you really want it much the same way you would experience buying a book in a real bookstore by flipping through it and reading a little. I found a great book, and for just $6.39, and so I bought it and it downloaded in less than a minute, and I have been reading it ever since. Why do I mention the Kindle? Well, because the iPhone can be just like that. At the present time I have purchased close to 100 songs directly over the iPhone. When I think of a portable device, I really want it to be portable. I want it to be convenient. I don't want to feel restrained at all. And I think the iPhone is closer to that than the BlackBerry is. I also think come June, it will leap much further in that same regard. I just bought Cascada, Jordin Sparks, and Leona Lewis all from the iPhone while totally away from my computer. Wile waiting for my order in a deli with free WiFi, I just browsed the iTunes store, listen to 30 second previews, and bought a few albums. Come June, I'll be able to buy software exactly the same way. The trick here is ease of use. Buying the album on a device intended for the purpose is so much better than buying something on a device where the purchase OTA feels like an after-thought.

I still have my 8800 and 8310. And like the prior poster I too know what it means to see the old device. I miss my BlackBerry too. It truly is a great device. And when I see it, I think about how well it worked, how often it helped me, and how much and how often I said it was perfection. But times change. So far, I keep running into little things, like PDFs or graphics in my email that are so much better that my decision to switch continues to feels right. If it weren't for the iPhone, I'd still be on the BB. It took a company like Apple with its extremely good engineering to one-up a company like RIM. I don't think anyone else could have.

As others have said; when it comes to pure business people, I can see them sticking to the BB. But if they are designers, like those I saw on RIM's site, I don't see those same customers staying with the BB. The reasons they state on the RIM site are better served with an iPhone than with a BB. I use the Notepad app on the iPhone and I love it. I have pages and pages of notes on it now. You can email them too. And the graphics are simply stunning, which is what a designer needs to see.

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