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Default Unable to sync Calendar with Outlook/BDM because "Wireless Calendar Sync is enabled"

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Hi there,

We have a BES 4.1.4 environment with MS Exchange 2003. One of our users recently had his BlackBerry 8100 re-Enterprise activated, and now misses all his past Calendar items. I read that BES only prepoluates the past 30 days of calendar items, except for the recurring appointments. This specific user would like to have all his Calendar history on his device.. God knows why

I found article KB04808 and thought using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager Software was an easy and good way to get this done, by syncing the users' calendar on the BB device directly with Outlook. But, I run into some problems doing this;

The first "problem" I run into when following the article, is the fact that the Tasks in article are referring to options that are not in BlackBerry Desktop Manager 4.3. For example, there is no Intellisync, and no "Configure PIM". Logically the options mentioned are now under Synchronization and Configure Synch, so this is manageable, but perhaps it is time for RIM to update KB04808 for use with the current versions of BDM.. but that's of no importance here.

The actual problem I have, is that when configuring the synchronization, I cannot choose for Outlook to sync with, because "Wireless Calendar Sync is enabled". Task 1 in the article instructs me to turn off Wireless Synchronization of the Calendar on the BlackBerry device before physically connecting it to the desktop computer. Doing this, and then configure sync in the BDM, seems to override this setting and enables wireless calendar sync on the device again. After searching the Internet on how to bypass this, I read a suggestion somewhere of editing the IT Policy on the BES server, by setting the option Disable Wireless Calendar Sync to ENABLE, en then resend the IT Policy to the BB user (device).

Doing this actually takes out the entire option in the Calendar options on the BB device to enable or disable wireless calendar sync, so I thought at that point I was "good to go" to use the BDM and sync the Calendar contents with Outlook. But, strange enough the BDM still tells me that "Wireless Calendar Sync is enabled".

I'm hoping someone out there has a suggestion for me how to get this done successfully.. Perhaps I am missing an important step here, since KB04808 isn't meant for the current versions of BDM. Thank you very much in advance for your reply.


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